About Us

Eschol Park Football Club was officially formed in 1983 (as Eschol Park Soccer Club) and has been a proud member of the Macarthur Football Association since that time. The club was setup to provide a safe place for the local children to go and play soccer. This has been achieved and is proudly maintained by the ongoing committee, as testament to our success is the number of past members who are now bringing their children back to play at the club. The club participates in the Macarthur Football Association Winter Competition and we run our own Summer Competition. We provide teams of all ages, from Under 6 to Over 35.

Why not give Football a go, come and join a great family club! Check out our Facebook page.

The 2019 committee is:

Role Contact
President Ralf Bzdega
Secretary Peter Peeters
Treasurer Bill Childs
Vice President Seniors Peter Griffiths
Vice President Juniors Peter Anjos
Secretary - Competition Stephen Lazarus
Registrar Stephen Lazarus
Assistant Registrar Graham Hillier
Coaching Administrator Andrew Warburton
Equipment Officer Mark Besgrove
Grounds Manager Lachlan Besgrove
Canteen Manager Vacant
Publicity Maddison Foord
Macarthur Delegate Brandon Travers
MPIO Greg Brown
Committee Member Craig Blackmore
Committee Member John Vece
Committee Member Daniel Meic
Committee Member Damian James
Website Administrator Graham Hillier

Our Life Members are:

Name Year
Kevin Savage 1992
Kerryn Savage 1996
Judy Reed 1996
Chris Randall 1998
Sharon Randall 1998
Mark Gilyatt 2000
Narelle Steck 2000
Paul Burgess 2001
Rick Carroll 2001
Darryl Gilyatt 2002
Steve Stokes 2002
Wally Van Gool 2003
Chris Webb 2004
Cliff O'Neill 2005
Chris C Webb 2005
Garry Ford 2006
Greg Burden 2006
Paul Brannan 2008
Conrad Millar 2012
Aimee Besgrove 2014
Allison McIntyre 2014
Mark Besgrove 2015
Martin Brown 2015
Greg Brown 2018